Cupcakes al fresco

And that big boy, he be'd cross with Juliet!

Immy's school tales, so earnestly delivered and with bizarre highlights selected for conversation (today, I slept very properly). I love hearing about who had to sit in time-out (Ahem. Today it was Immy. The infraction was not sitting with her bum on the mat. Apparently.) and who refused to sleep and was threatened with being sent back to the babies class. Mostly I love how she recites the day's goings on to Rob at the supper table, and then says ' What was your day?' Which means how was your day and lets have a grown-up conversation about this. Makes me laugh every time.

Last night after I went to bed, my brain was in a fever trying to make sense of all the things I want to do with her in the afternoons. And decor ideas to cozy up her bedroom a bit. Home-made, girly things like paper hearts on a string and a corner for origami birds. Our current craft project is to make an 'Immy's Art' board, to display a special picture or piece of art from the week. We spent a lovely afternoon at The Crafter's Market picking out letters, paints, brushes and pretty paper. And then cheap baby dolls at Mr. Price and cute blue mugs and this gorgeous glass for her - which is actually plastic, but just looks so darn pretty.

And what better way to end an afternoon of shopping than cupcakes al fresco? We baked these last night (see here for recipe), and were quite proud of how prettily they turned out.

Enjoying...simple pleasures and (small) tall tales. ~ m


Ramblings said…
The cupcakes look delicious, well done! A pity the office designated ones remained in the car... ;-)