This year I was inspired to host Christmas Eve dinner at our place. This is a family tradition I grew up with - Boney M playing in the background, a beautiful table laid with candles and crackers, and traditional Christmas fare. We gave it our very own Armstrong flair of course - some Bing and Frank thrown in with the Boney M, a vintage-inspired Christmas table and travelling reindeer antlers.

Christmas scrapbook of my favourite favourites:


This gorgeous paper table lace designed by Elonah and assembled by Rob.

The brown-paper rosettes that I spent.absolute.ages.making. I had one left to do and then was overcome by laziness which is why Immy's plate got the reindeer antlers instead.

The Christmas morning pics. Snowy North Pole footprints, cookie crumbs and an empty milk glass. And all those presents under the tree.

 My present from Rob. A Red Herring. Literally. Until we got to Phase 2 of the presents at the folks and I got my camera.

And Immy's favourite present - her clik claks.

A family Christmas, warts and all. The best kind.