and the living is easy

Today we worked. In the house and the garden. And what I thought would be a boring day of chores turned into an opportunity for a post - cue Immy.

I was cleaning, sweeping, doing piles of laundry and being generally very industrious, and Rob was mowing the lawn. Which meant that Immy was at a bit of a loose end. One of her favourite things right now is washing 'dishes', so I installed her in the garden  (far from the mowing dad) with a bucket of soapy water and some kitchen gloves. While I should have carried on with things, what I actually did was grab my new and very beautiful camera - and the day turned out something like this...

Before long, it went something like this.

And when the washing up was done, and the afternoon nap was taken, she went for a walk with her dad.

And later - she vanished into her bedroom, and came out after a few minutes. Dressed like this. Because if your summer hat is too big, then just wear your winter hat underneath it.

To ordinary summer days - with a touch of magic.