A day of firsts

Firsts are almost always accompanied by mixed feelings. First date. First job. There's the anticipation, yes - and also apprehension at the unknown. Excitement, and a small part wishing that nothing had to change and that everything could just stay the same. The hope that it's all going to turn out great, but the knowledge that with a first, anything can happen. I was quite suprised that a 3-year old can comprehend all these complex emotions to some small degree. On Monday, Immy was still fake-whooping (hoo-hoo) when we said school tomorrow. But when she opened her eyes on The Big Day, she just knew on some level that everything was going to change for her. Her first words when she opened her eyes on Tuesday morning? I want to stay at home. I realised in that moment how hard all the firsts were going to be on me - the letting go, and trusting that my beautiful and gentle girl will be ok.

There were no tears. And hard as it was to leave her, I knew she would be just fine. That she'd enjoy the change, and that ultimately life is about growing and changing and moving forward. Even when you're only 3.
To the first of many firsts. Cheers.