Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Mind the gap

 After the Gautrain officially launched on 02 August, we couldn't wait to get our tickets and treat Immy to a grand train adventure! Granny and Grandpa decided to join us for the day, so last Saturday we all set off for Hatfield station.
This way please...

After getting our cards, we made our way down to the platform, where we waited with anticipation for the train to arrive. Right after Rob took this photo, I got in trouble with a Gautrain person (very official and strict!) for standing on the wrong side of the yellow line. Oopsie!

Once aboard, Immy seemed fairly unimpressed by it all. Here she is making friends with strangers...

...watching the world go by...

...playing with the talking dog on Dad's iPhone...

...and lying down on the floor from the excitement of it all!

We arrived at Sandton station after about 40 minutes, and made our way from the bowels of the earth to the surface! The station is a short walk from the station to Nelson Mandela Square...

And then we were there!

We walked through Sandton Square, not terribly exciting - although I did get distracted in Geldoffs (the chocolatier) and almost lost the family! Our last stop before heading home was Baglios, where we bought Immy a banana icecream cup.  Yum!


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Food glorious food

A few weeks ago we stopped off by chance at the Hazel Food Market. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so we strolled around, had a bite to eat and took some pics...

We bought Immy a Gingerbread man - they were too beautiful to resist.

And for me, a red velvet cupcake..

We had lunch sitting in the dusty grass (or rather just the dusty dust!) Cheesegrillers wrapped in bacon, with Italian Sodas. Yum.

Italian Sodas

Shopping list for next time: flowers, cheese, olives, breads - and a cupcake or two (or three).