You look like a monkey

On Saturday we set off for Immy's First Trip to the Zoo. The establishment known today as the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa was founded in 1899 by the then-director of the Staatsmuseum, Dr Jan Boudewyn Gunning. Long story short, he had a backyard full of animals that were going to be stuffed and put on display for the Museum - but the good doctor had other plans. He encouraged residents around the museum to complain about the smell and the noise of the animals in the backyard. Soon enough, he was granted permission to move the animals to 'Rus in Urbe' on 21 October 1899 - and so the National Zoo was born.

Fun fact: The Sammy Marks fountain is one of only two of its kind in the world.

Rob took this gorgeous photo. Tip: you need lots of cash at the zoo! We didn't have enough for the cable car, so this was as good as it got!

Apparently the zoo has 6km worth of walkways. I think we walked every inch of it. Immy also did her best to get in her mileage, although her motto for the day seemed 'why walk when you can run'!

This was the tiger's enclosure. Immy seemed quite fascinated, with good reason. The tiger was pacing up and down along the ledge, panting and STARING at her - she just carried on eating her sandwich. This is the confidence that comes with a 50 foot high fence.

By the end of our 3 hours, we had finished the Zoo Loop and definitely started looking at the golf carts through new eyes. We took this pic (my favourite) on our way out...

Tired but happy