Tuesday, 3 April 2018

An Urban Easter

Our weekend has passed in a blur of hotels, laughter, egg hunts, a mountain of uneaten chocolate, new books and small adventures.
On Friday afternoon Immy and I headed into the city for a girls night out. I had booked a room at the Crown Metropol, mostly for the pool on the 27th floor. We averted an almost-disaster when Immy unpacked her swimmers about four seconds after we got into our room, and in a small, quivering voice said: Mama. We can't swim. (turns out when her and Eva went swimming we ended up with two bottoms instead of a top and bottom). Her eyes filled with tears, skinny shoulders slumped while my heart audibly cracked a bit in my chest. Luckily the hotel had a rack of swimming costumes at eye-watering hotel prices, so we bought a new one and spent the next two hours in the pool.

More pictures, adventures, stories from our weekend...

:: Tree climbing. She's been asking for ages to climb this particular tree, one that we pass each each day on the way home from school.

Turns out once she got up the tree, she wasn't entirely sure what to do next. The photo below makes me laugh every time.

Next stop, city. After our swimming session, we showered and headed out to Southbank, eating ice-cream and taking selfies.

We hit the pool at 7am the next morning, and watched the sun rising over the city. It was quiet, and warm, and we swam for a full two hours before heading down for breakfast.

Hot air balloons. Totally on our list of things to do...

We've stepped up our Hangman game. Played over pineapple juice and croissants and bottomless coffee.

And then of course, Easter. I kept things low key with a corny Easter poem, and a couple of cute signs I bought for $2 at Target. She did tell me at some point during her hunt that she thinks a parent is actually the Easter bunny. But then when I asked her if she thought I hid the eggs, she said:
Oh yeah - you're the WORST HIDER (this because of my poor hide-and-seek track record). OF COURSE the Easter Bunny must have hidden the eggs. 

We left it at that, but I can sense this magical time of fairies and Easter Bunnies and Father Christmas deliveries may be in the twilight phase.

So the thing with Easter is this - Immy and I are not massive Easter chocolate fans. This means there are always eggs in the pantry ten months down the line, uneaten and waxy and forgotten. So this year I focused on smaller eggs (more to find and easier to eat) and a couple of non-traditional Easter goodies.

Hubba Bubba for the win.

After the egg hunt at my place, we headed over to Rob where her urban Easter continued. A few strategically-timed texts between Rob and I meant that she had a second hunt on the (very photogenic) communal deck area of his apartment building.

As for me, I was lucky enough to spend a second night in the city with the BFG who surprised me with a night away (see this post if you don't know who I'm talking about). A comedy show, book store browsing, a long lazy breakfast and dumplings in China Town rounding off a picture-perfect weekend. 

Happy Easter. 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Exploring Inverloch: Part 1

As promised, I will be throwing a number of blog posts onto here with very little chronological order, rhyme or reason. Most of these will feature holidays, because that seems to be what I have plenty of photos of currently.

Towards the end of January, we spent a week in Inverloch, a seaside town about two hours south east of Melbourne. I had booked a place on Airbnb that had good reviews, and cute photos. Nothing fancy, but there was a nice garden and decent sized rooms and it all looked pretty cosy. Turns out cosy was a euphemism for not terribly clean which was gross and meant we had to clean out the pantry cupboard and run the dishes through the dishwasher and wipe down the tables and surfaces before we could actually unpack (or touch) anything.

On our first morning there, Immy and I went off exploring, hoping to find Anderson Inlet somewhere nearby (I had seen it on Google Maps when I'd booked the rental unit). We turned left out of our driveway, and had hardly gone ten steps when we bumped into Madeline and Buttercup.

Well honestly. It was love at first sight. (also the reason Immy is wearing different outfits is because this is the horse section of the post, and I took the photos on different days because we had to go see the horses EVERY SINGLE DAY after this day.)

When we eventually managed to tear ourselves away from the horses, we headed down the road, around the corner and found - absolutely nothing. Just houses and the road ending in an empty property with hay bales dotted about on a grassy meadow. We decided to unlatch the gate and explore what lay over of the crest of the slope.

This is what we found. The most beautiful views of the inlet, turquoise water, Nanny McPhee haybales and tiny yellow daisies dotting the green grass. I kept feeling that at any moment Maria was going to spontaneously appear out of nowhere flinging her arms wide and singing 'The hills are alive'.

Obviously this didn't happen because Maria would never trespass on private property.

Highlights of our adventures...

:: Prom Country Cheese. Immy made friends with the sheep that was wondering around outside and couldn't have been happier. As for me - well. Whenever I get to farmy places, I'm always a bit overwhelmed by the flies and the smells and how nature-y everything is, but once we got into the cheese and beer things took a turn for the better.  We got a checklist with the cheeses on our tasting board, tiny fresh-baked loaves of bread and instructions on which cheese to eat in what order (basically working our way through ten cheeses clockwise on the board).

Cheese makes me happy. Sheep make Immy happy.

:: Making friends with random road-side goats. Oh hey - I'm Immy and I'm a goat whisperer.

:: An estuary walk at sunset. I felt terrible because I made my parents walk through the most enormous camping and caravan park in the world to get to the beginning of the estuary walk. Turns out we could have driven straight through, parked right at the beginning of the trail and saved ourselves approximately three kilometres.

I don't know why they still agree to my adventuring plans and schemes.

:: Sunsets on the beach. She found this 'shelter' and Snippy the crab. We walked and talked and played Tic Tac Toe in the sand. It took some negotiating, but eventually she surrendered Snippy back to the sand and the ocean, and we made our way home without the crab.

Looking at these pictures, this holiday already feels like a lifetime ago. We're almost at the end of Term 1, weekends filled with gymnastics and hip hop and playdates. Part 2 of our holiday will involve a lot of pictures of blue skies and seas.

And incidentally, another item ticked off the Victoria  Top 100 Bucket List. More to come.